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The 20 angles podcast asks 20 people “who or what are we?”
The mission is not to give advice, but to encourage questioning the "obvious".

#006 - Prof Steven Laureys - Neuroscience, meditation and everything inbetween

April 14, 2020

I speak with Prof. Steven Laureys about neuroscience, meditation, our sense of “self”, artificial intelligence and many more.

Steven Laureys is a neurologist, both a clinician and an academic researcher.
His research focuses on altered states of consciousness.
He is also the author of the (Dutch) book “Het no-nonsense meditatie boek”.

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[NL] #005 - Prof. Filip Raes - Zijn we onze gedachten?

Feb. 19, 2020

(This podcast episode exceptionally is in Dutch)

Are we our thoughts? Does excessive thinking - or worrying - produce it's intended effects? Should we avoid discomfort, or invite it?

A very practical conversation with Prof. Filip Raes, in which we look at the question "who are we, why are we?".

I learned a lot from it about the often stormy weather conditions inside my mind, and I hope it may give you similar insights as well.

Filip teaches at KULeuven on the subject of clinical psychology. Besides that he is also a cognitive behavioural therapist. Some of his various interests include art and genealogy.

Do you want to know more about Filip's perspective on worrying, and his approach? He just wrote a book about it (in Dutch): "Weg van het piekeren. Actie als remedie." - https://www.lannoo.be/nl/weg-van-het-piekeren

You can follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/raziraes

Interesting links:

Song "Neverending Happening": http://bit.ly/3bLcVQB
Book "Good reasons for bad feelings": http://bit.ly/38GUfj3
Book "The power of small": http://bit.ly/39FzdRU
Book "Verslaafd aan denken": http://bit.ly/2wojzvI

[NL] #004 - Dirk Van Duppen - Zijn we inherent goed, of slecht?

Jan. 21, 2020

Note: this episode exceptionally is in Dutch.

Ik bekijk met Dirk Van Duppen vanuit verschillende perspectieven de vraag “zijn we inherent goed, of slecht?”.

Dit gesprek is gestructureerd op basis van zijn boek “De Supersamenwerker”, en een echte aanrader mocht u deze thematiek interessant vinden.

Dirk is arts en vecht al heel zijn leven voor betaalbare geneesmiddelen. Hij schreef ondermeer het boek “De Cholesterol-oorlog, waarom geneesmiddelen zo duur zijn”.

Dirk heeft zonet een nieuw boek uit, dewelke ik met veel plezier zal lezen: "Zo verliep de tijd die me toegewezen was": http://bit.ly/2NHLDQA

Interessante links:

De Supersamenwerker - Dirk Van Duppen en Johan Hoebeke: http://bit.ly/2uiqWnt
De Cholesterol-oorlog - Dirk Van Duppen: http://bit.ly/30Kh2Y6

#003 - Adventurer Jelle Veyt- Lessons from facing death and living on the streets

Oct. 28, 2019

Adventurer Jelle Veyt on getting caught in an avalanche on Everest, lessons learned from living on the streets for two years, and how death can be a big motivator.

Jelle is a professional adventurer. He is now on a quest to cycle/row to the highest mountains on every continent and climb them. To learn more about Jelle, check out www.jelleveyt.be

This was a very personal interview, and it some of the most practical insights in a short amount of time I have ever encountered on:
- being grateful for food and shelter
- being ready to die, but loving to live
- why you make yourself unhappy
- how to stop living like a zombie
- why it’s good to cry like a baby
- how everything is temporary, including feeling bad
- how and when to finally start living your dream
- most importantly: don’t hold your farts, let them go!

Interesting things referred to in this episode:
Book "Steppenwolf" - Herman Hesse: http://bit.ly/31RVx6v

#002: Quantum Physics, Consciousness and Everything inbetween | 20angles Podcast

Oct. 7, 2019

In this episode, Steven examines the central question “Who or what are we?” with Radu Surdeanu.

Together with Radu, both a physicist and a Zen practitioner, we talk about the two things science still has no clue about what’s going on: quantum physics and consciousness. To give you even a bigger headache, we also talk about Artificial Intelligence.

Interesting things referred to in this episode:
Richard Feynman’s “ode to a flower”: http://bit.ly/2LSpbDJ
Humble Before the Void - Chris Impey: https://amzn.to/2IJkf2n
Happiness - Matthieu Ricard: http://bit.ly/2p0azcA

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#001: Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans on Happiness | 20angles Podcast

Aug. 6, 2019

In this episode, Steven explores the central question “who or what are we?” with Prof. Lieven Annemans.

Prof. Lieven Annemans teaches at Ghent University, and has written several books on health economics. The last few years his research has shifted more into the direction of happiness.

What is happiness, and is the pursuit of it a futile quest? What can we really do about it?

Things referred to in this episode:
Book “Altruism” by Matthieu Ricard: https://amzn.to/2VlkfdH

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