Lessons learned in 2018

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March 13, 2019, 8:42 p.m. | Tagged under Psychology, Philosophy, meditation, whatever

It would be interesting if we could share among each other what we learned in this year’s trip around the sun, and making it a bit more meaningful than just a night of decadent partying.

Here’s what I learned looking back:
- I don’t exist. I’m just a mental construct, and what a weight off my shoulders.
- Life is not about me, it’s about the people around me.
- The only scary things that happened in “dangerous” South America the last 6 months, only ocurred in my mind.
- Life would be pretty boring without any problems. Imagine a video game with zero challenges. I learned to enjoy them.
- Happiness is not something to be achieved. It is actually the art of ceasing to attain anything at all.
- Always operate based on a set of ethical values, even it means making less money.
- Money is useful, but it can only bring happiness to me by providing basic food and shelter, not beyond that.
- My brain until recently seemed to have been in a state of constant neurosis, worrying about superficial entanglements of thought, instead of appreciating the beauty and love right in front of me.
- I learned to look for meaning in what I do, even if at first it doesn’t seem that meaningful at all. But if I fail to find it, it’s time for some change.
- It doesn’t matter what I want to be, and honestly nobody cares, it’s important to just do.
- The world is wonderful, nature is wonderful, and it might be the only thing preventing us from becoming totally insane. We should treasure it.
- Most people are nice, e.g. very few people refuse to offer asistance to someone in need. And, even if people lie, decieve, or egocentric bastards, all they want is to protect what they care about. They are a consequence of genetics and context, neither of which we have any control over. There’s very little free will, so be nice.

That was it. Was fun to do this thinking exercise for myself.

But how about you?